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Let’s explore how effective are crystals for depression treatment and handpick the best crystal for you based on our shortlist. All of the following precious stones are carefully selected by Depression Open Talks.

The use of crystals has become extremely widespread and popular in recent years. People who work with these crystals think they are good for healing and generating good energy. Users believe that by doing this, depression can be treated.


The use of natural elements for healing has a long history and is prevalent across many cultures, despite the lack of scientific support for this practice. Crystals were thought to be able to open the chakras, or physical energy centers, in the ancient civilizations of Greece, Egypt, Rome, and India.

Crystals were seen as a talisman for protection. They could also be employed spiritually or to influence someone’s state of mind and psychological well-being. However, that was then. How about right now? Currently, using crystals as a holistic method to alleviate anxiety and depression is widely acknowledged. Let’s examine depression, its signs, and how crystals can be used to help with it in more detail.

1. Using Crystals for Depression Treatment

No matter what’s going on with your mental health, it’s normal to have periods of positive energy and time when a gloomy cloud of negative energy seems to have settled. The wonderful tapestry of life includes emotions like melancholy, guilt, rage, numbness, and weariness. However, if these feelings persist or the downs feel far more frequent than the ups, it might be a sign of depression.

Depression may show its physical symptoms such as irregular sleep patterns, or emotionally as changes in appetite and a persistent feeling of lethargy. Your mental health may also be affected, as evidenced by behaviors like pushing away a loved one or feeling like things will never get better, as well as a loss of interest in formerly enjoyable activities.

In the darkest of times, it might be challenging to find hope, but perhaps a glimmer of hope can be found in the healing energies of the Earth’s most valuable and potent crystals.

We are aware that there is no quick treatment for depression and that changing negative thoughts to positive ones doesn’t always get to the base of the issue. Everyone’s mental health is unique and a complicated subject.


Using healing crystals can change your beliefs and break bad cycles. We sought to gather a selection of crystals for depression that can be incredibly beneficial tools for clearing the mind, rerouting unfavorable ideas, and offering a tiny guiding light that might be illuminating to follow.

This collection of healing crystals may be able to transmit their love and light to pull you up, regardless of whether you are prone to depressed episodes, facing a long-term hardship, or simply want to prevent yourself from sinking.

2. Crystals for Depression Treatment & Mental Wellness 

2.1. Carnelian to Brings Vitality

Carnelian, which is vivid in red and orange tones, is one of those similar stones that give you a significant boost of energy just when you need it. Your feelings of potential and passion may be amplified by carnelian. It has a strong, all-pervasive warmth that calms racing thoughts.

How to use: To benefit from its vitality for a longer amount of time during a prolonged depression, it is better to wear it as jewelry. You can also display carnelian spheres and hearts on your desks at work or in your residences.

2.2. Lepidolite to Deal with Depression

Lepidolite is a magnificent self-care stone with lilac wine and gentle calming energy. This healing stone has a soft, humming sound. Lepidolite is renowned for its extraordinary capacity to restore harmony and balance to your neurological system.

This is excellent for people who frequently find themselves working in overdrive and becoming exhausted and depressed. Additionally, it is a fantastic energy healer and can quickly vanquish negative thoughts and emotions.

How to use: It can be placed in your bedroom to resonate with its calming energy while you sleep, used for meditation, or worn as jewelry to benefit from its comforting energy.

2.3. Clear Quartz to Transform All Negativity

The Clear Quartz crystal’s frosty bright energy is excellent for dispelling the confusion and gloomy emotions that can cloud the mind. This stone sometimes referred to as the master healer, is skilled at sharply raising vibrations and boosting energy.

While working on a spiritual level, Clear Quartz also promotes physical healing in the body. This can be the boost in vitality your soul needs by enhancing your immune system and focus skills.

How to use: It is one of the most adaptable crystals and is frequently utilized in Reiki and meditations as well as energy healing sessions. It is a fundamental component of crystal grids.

2.4. Tiger’s Eye To Relieve Anxiety

Tiger’s Eye, the stone of change, has only black and gold bands. This therapeutic crystal is a miracle worker when it comes to boosting your self-esteem and assisting you in overcoming self-doubt. It might be difficult to think positively of ourselves when we are melancholy, and occasionally our standards slide.

Tiger’s Eye serves as a reminder that you are resilient, powerful, and equipped with all you need to make wise choices that will influence a more uplifting and tuned-in aspect of life. For example, if you are suffering from depression at work, you can use this crystal to reduce stress and anxiety

How to use: Tiger’s Eye makes beautiful jewelry and wearing it is one of the simplest ways to harness its power. Use palm stones for meditation or carry a tumbled Tiger’s Eye in your pocket. Tiger’s Eye spheres, towers, and hearts provide lovely interior design accents.

2.5. Smoky Quartz Crystal to Dissipate Suicidal Thoughts

We may experience a sense of being unmoored and lacking a solid foundation during depressive periods. Smoky Quartz is a fantastic stone for grounding and can help you find your way back to who you are and what makes you happy. This stone’s powerful purifying energy is all about banishing depressing and negative ideas to make room for uplifted and optimistic emotions.

How to use: Energy healers frequently utilize this potent crystal, and it makes a great meditation aid. It can be used as a shield or worn as jewelry and kept in a pocket or purse.

2.6. Malachite For Past Trauma Release

Malachite is a go-to stone for energy healers because of its capacity to control mood swings, foster sentiments of acceptance, and promote profound inner serenity. This deep green stone can help you regain your equilibrium whenever you’re feeling numbing out or overloaded.

It can even assist you in processing past trauma in a way that won’t drain you. Malachite has been employed as a healing stone since the dawn of time, and its abilities are truly limitless.

How to use: wear it, its vivid blue hue makes it perfect for distinctive jewelry designs. Malachite spheres and hearts make lovely interior design accents.

2.7. Obsidian to Banish Emotional Negativity

Obsidian is a fantastic healer in addition to being a strong protection stone. If you don’t want to deal with your shadow side right now, Black Obsidian can be too heavy for you. However, Rainbow Obsidian might be the perfect balance for you.

This stone’s connection to the root chakra is strong, and it is speckled with iridescent colors. For individuals who still want the protecting qualities of obsidian but prefer to approach heart alignment with divine will more gently, gold obsidian can also be a softer shade.

How to use: To take advantage of the protecting energy of Obsidian, wear it as jewelry. You can put Obsidian spheres and hearts in your residences or places of employment. It is regarded as one of the best stones for manifestation and can be utilized effectively for meditation.

Other Healing Crystals for Depression:

  • Amethyst to Banish Negativity
  • Jasper to Assist With Anxiety
  • Angel Aura to Against Loneliness
  • Citrine’s Uplifting Energy To Transform Depression

Crystals for Depression: Conclusion

Every crystal has unique advantages, therefore it can be a delightful experience to experiment with various crystals to see how they affect your well-being.

We hope that these crystals for depression can offer a way out of the darkness when it feels like all light has gone out. These crystals are filled with uplifting energy, soft power, and a gentle reminder that you are deserving of love, happiness, and everything else you wish for. We are aware that the road to recovery can be a long and tough one, but we want to reassure you that the cosmos and these stones are always on your side.

Though the going may be rough, you are stronger. While grief is substantial, love is greater. We are sending as much healing energy as we can summon your way with the hope that one day, things will feel better since we have so much respect for everyone fighting through the weight out there.


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