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Are you dating someone with depression? And, you don’t know how to maintain that healthy relationship. Then, this blog is for you that providing tips for dealing with a depressed partner by Depression Open Talks.

Depression is a complicated mental health condition that has a serious impact on a person’s feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Currently, millions of people around the world are severely affected by this ailment. To be honest, this is a worrying yet treatable issue.

When you’re dating a person who isn’t depressed, sometimes it might be difficult to know how to care for them when they’re sad or unwell. Dating someone who suffers from depression is even more challenging. It can leave you confused and embarrassed. You may be at a loss as to how to assist your partner while also caring for your own mental health.


This article will provide you with some crucial knowledge about dating someone with depression as well as advice on how to strengthen your relationship with your partner. 

What does depression look like?

Depression can take a variety of ways. In fact, depression can be mild and temporary, or severe and chronic. While some people may only experience depression once, others may do it several times.


In general, though, “depression is a condition of mind and sensation that can leave you feeling alone and empty within,” according to licensed therapist Jason Phillips. Signs and symptoms differ from person to person, but in general, they include low energy, poor mood, isolation, too much sleep, not enough sleep, and unhealthy eating habits.

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Recognizing relationship depression 

As you might guess, these symptoms can have a significant impact on your relationships, particularly romantic ones.

To begin with, depression can lead to a partner retreating from intimacy and/or growing distant from their relationship. This could give the impression that your lover has suddenly lost interest in you, but it’s actually just a sign of despair. This demonstrates that “the sad individual has feelings to go through,” in Phillips’ words.

This may manifest as canceling plans at the last minute, declining social invitations, supporting their partner’s attendance at friends’ and family members’ birthday parties without them, etc.

Since there is a clear relationship between desire and depression, Markesha Miller, Ph.D., a certified psychotherapist, argues that depression can have an even greater impact on a person’s sex drive. Because of this, your partner could find it difficult to find the energy or desire to engage in anything in the bedroom. 

According to Miller, depression can also manifest itself as a reduction in family time spent together. Depressed people frequently isolate themselves or immerse themselves in their work or another interest to distract them from their emotions.

Finally, depression may make it difficult for partners to communicate with one another. According to Miller, melancholy can make a person more irritable, sensitive, impatient, and misunderstood.

Tips for dating someone with depression

Educate yourself about depression

Power comes from awareness. You’ll be able to be more understanding and patient with your partner if you are aware of the different symptoms they experience. You’ll also discover that unhappy emotions and irritability aren’t usually brought on by one specific thing. Understanding depression will make your partner feel more understood, as well.

Ask them questions

It’s common to try to make someone we care about feel better right away when they are hurt. Ask your partner about their needs instead. A meaningful conversation can be started by simply asking “what can I do to help?” This will help them feel heard and will allow them to express their needs. Even if the response is “I don’t know,” showing your support and readiness to assist is consoling.

Do not blame yourself

It’s difficult not to assume that when someone says anything unfavorable or acts disinterested in the relationship, it is because of you. But keep in mind that you did not cause their mental health issues. It was there before you met him/her.

Establish boundaries

Healthy boundaries build stronger relationships. Establishing boundaries entails putting restrictions on actions that do not benefit you or your partnership. It is critical to protect your physical and emotional needs. This does not imply that you are selfish or unkind. “Setting boundaries in any relationship should be a priority, but compromise is also essential,” adds Faulkner.

It is crucial to respect your personal boundaries. If you have discussed placing boundaries around cruel or insulting language with your partner, stick to those boundaries if they lash out and say something hurtful. During an outburst, you can comment, “It appears you are quite angry right now. I’ve asked you not to yell at me, therefore I’m leaving. We can talk when you’re more relaxed.”

Being flexible

Being flexible is important when dating someone with depression because the issue is complicated. The emotions of your lover can shift suddenly. Their capacity to engage in activities may be hampered by this. So, don’t be excessively disappointed.

For instance, if you have scheduled a night out with friends on a Friday but your spouse doesn’t feel like going out. Accept the change in your plans with grace. Offer to do something that is comfortable for your partner, such as watching a movie together at home.

Be empathetic

It can be challenging to feel empathetic on certain days. You feel frustrated and overburdened. Keep in mind that this person you love is suffering greatly. The imbalances in their brains brought on by depression are frequently the source of their acts and behaviors.

Consider how difficult it must be for them to experience illness and pain every day and try your hardest to have compassion for them at those times. Read the depression poems to better understand how this mental issue exhausts your partner.

Ask for support from others

Consider asking for help from others if you are feeling overloaded. When they are attempting to manage their depression, your partners might not have the emotional and mental strength to help them. A fantastic way to set an example is to choose to get help.

Friendships that aren’t related to a romantic relationship can be incredibly beneficial because we all require social support. Suppressing our feelings is bad, and it can make us feel alone. You can get help from reliable relatives and friends by asking them to listen to you and affirm your needs.

Dating someone with depression: Key takeaways

Depression robs people of many of the moments of happiness that we take for granted. Depression symptoms can cause a great deal of anxiety in a relationship as they come and go. Learning how depression feels, communicating with your partner, and handling your partner’s issues with compassion are all effective ways to manage this difficult disease.

When dating someone with depression, remember that you can’t fix your partner’s depression or alleviate their misery, but you can provide a sympathetic ear and provide emotional support. If you are feeling overwhelmed or concerned about your partner’s well-being, don’t be afraid to seek professional assistance.


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