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It is sad to say that depression hasn’t received enough attention and care that corresponds to its severity. With these depressed aesthetic images, we hope that depression and other mental health issues can be exposed properly.


What is depression?

Depression is a severe mental illness that can have an adverse effect on anyone. It’s not a light-hearted condition, and it’s not something that people just get over. Many different things can cause depression. It can be triggered by events in the past, such as abuse and neglect, or it can be caused by stress.

It is a fact that depression is a difficult problem to deal with. Some people with this mental issue refuse to talk about it because they are afraid of being judged or stigmatized. But depression isn’t just something you can hide from the world; it can be an overwhelming experience for those suffering from it. 

Why do we design depressed aesthetic images?

For those who don’t have depression or any other mental health problems, it is hard to imagine what is depression. As a result, to help highlight the severity of depression and raise public awareness of this mental issue, we designed depressed aesthetic images. These images help illustrate what depression looks like. 

Depression is real

Depression is real – Like a cage without a key

Depression is real – like losing a piece of yourself

Depression is real – Like shadows in the dark

Hide in the dark

Sometimes the moon is all I have

It’s better to hide in the dark?

I need somebody but I got nobody

Depression Info graphic

Overcome Depression

In addition to above photos, you can find more depression images on Pinterest

Depressed Aesthetic: Final words

We all know that depression is a very common condition. Most people have gone through it at some time in their life. Some people are more prone to it than others and can be triggered by certain situations.

These depressed aesthetic photos show the severity of the condition and what it looks like when it affects you. They can help spread the severity of the condition and give hope to those who are suffering from depression.

Depression Open Talks also designed inspiring & beautiful depression gifs that you might want to check out.

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