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Depressed pfp images & significance you won’t find anywhere else collected by Depression Open Talks. Researchers discovered that photos shared by depressed people were grayer and darker than those submitted by others.


Researchers looked at thousands of images from 166 Instagram users for the study, 71 of whom had a history of depression. They discovered that the photos shared by depressed people were bluer, darker, and grayer than those posted by others.

The results suggest that depression may be recognized in posts and may serve as a “blueprint for efficient mental health screening” in the future, according to the researchers. Those pictures are called “depressed pfp”.

What is exactly depressed pfp?

PFP stands for “photo for proof,” and it can be used by users to request one in online chat, web forums, and social media. PFP is generally used in reaction to a claim made by another user, particularly if the assertion seems improbable.

A PFP might be requested, for instance, if a person claims to have met Katy Perry in their neighborhood. Others are less inclined to believe a user if they are unable to offer a PFP. Therefore, depressed pfps are pictures showing one’s depressed state of mind. They are posted to describe how depressed people feel when they can’t vent out their emotions.


Inkwell is a black-and-white Instagram filter that is popular among those who are depressed. Based on the study authors, this may be because people with depression interact with few people and prefer to take a selfie without others. Their photos were sadder and tended to have fewer faces in them.

The depressed pfps were then combed through by computer software made to recognize those details, which accurately identified depressed persons 70% of the time. This increases the accuracy of depression diagnosis. It’s reported that doctors correctly diagnose depressed patients at only 42%.

Depressed anime pfp

You might know that a lot of anime characters suffer from depression such as depressed Naruto characters. Some popular depressed anime pfps for you to find sympathy.

Depressed Bart Simpson pfp

The Simpsons is a well-known American animated comedy television series that debuted on the Fox television network on December 17, 1989. It is one of the longest-running sitcoms networks up to now. The oldest son, Bart Simpson, is in the fourth grade and is 10 years old. He has a mischievous nature and frequently annoys his parents, sister Lisa, and school teachers.

Because I’m constantly depressed, I find solace in observing the profound melancholy that Bart Simpson captures in all those pictures. The unbelievable amount of suffering that Bart, like me, must endure every day. Therefore, if you don’t like it, that’s fine, but just allow intelligent and sensitive people like me to suffer with him, as he is my only support in this bizarre and hostile culture.

A remark concerning Bart Simpson’s depressed PFP

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Depressed Gacha pfp

The role-playing video game Gacha Life allows players to create and alter anime-style characters on a mobile device. Gacha is the name given to the little toys that are sold in tiny capsules at vending machines in Japan. A demo version can be played on a computer while the full version is played on a mobile device. The preteens and older children can roleplay as characters and create their own stories.


Depressed discord pfp

Some of the most popular depressed pfps on discord

Depressed aesthetic pfp

Listening to depressing songs while looking at below aesthetic pfps

Depressed matching pfp

Iconic matching couple pfps for your One True Pairing.


In short, depressed pfp is a proof image that a person is suffering from depression.  However, you should know that having a lot of blue or faceless photos doesn’t necessarily indicate that you’re depressed.

Look into the early indicators of depression, such as changes in sleep patterns and depressing feelings. And, try to seek a recommendation for a counselor to speak with at work or school if you are experiencing them.


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