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Talking about depression isn’t always a bad thing, but if you’re looking for some pick-up lines, you might want to try these short, sad, flirty, and funny depressing pick-up lines. If so, you’re in the right place because we have a ton of pick-up lines here that you can use whenever you’re feeling stressed, depressed, or wherever you want. We also have brand-new depression pick-up lines that will help you. Please review the following list gathered by Depression Open Talks.

You might want to try these short, sad, flirty, and funny depressing pick-up lines.
Funny Depressing Pick-Up Lines 

Short Depressing Pick-Up Lines

  • Are you a psychologist because only you can cure me? 
  • Your sadness has tripped me into falling for you. 
  • Ever since I looked at you, my heart has fallen into a dark pit. 
  • You Are depressed, TOO? Haha, me too. Would you mind if I suicide in your DMS haha….?
  • You must have been born in 1929 because you gave me the Great Depression. 
  • Please act like my anti-depression pill. 
  • Are you suicidal? Because I think about you every day. 
  • Will you be the end of my Great Depression? 
  • We all want to die alone, but do you want to spend a living moment with me? 
  • I can’t seem to smile without you. 
  • Do you want to fix my head?
  • I want to give you my heart. 
  • I don’t know much about depression, but mine is pretty great. 
  • Since you are depressed too, let’s help each other. 
  • Be my medication because I can’t live without you. 
  •  Whenever you don’t text back, I go into a tropical depression. 
  • I was hoping you could help me and release me from the prison of existence. 
  • I usually send love and get hurt. 
  • I need you in my life. 
  • Depression isn’t pitying. 
  • You’ll be glad to have a hopeless romantic like me in your life. 
  • Just accept me and my depressed heart. 
  • Can you help my heart out?
  • I want a tragic romance. 
  • Could you help me get over this quickly? 
  • Are you dead? Because I want to hold onto you.
  • You’re discouraged, TOO?
  • Your bitterness stumbled me. 
  • Is it true that you are depressed? Since I see you in the future. 
Short Depression Pick-Up Lines

Best Depression Pick-Up Lines

  • I’ve been slightly depressed ever since my vasectomy.
  • It’s not my fault I fell in love. Your sadness tripped me.
  • Hay girl, are you crippling depression? Because I’m going to be in bed curled up with you all day!
  • Are you a sinking ship? Because I’d really like to go down on you
  • Damn Girl, you’re adorable, allowed me to get your email address.
  • Are you an electrical outlet? Because I really want to stick my fingers in you.
  • Babe, I got depression. But that’s OK because I can go down for you any night.
  • Some say you are not charming when you are tragic but rather I don’t. I think you are still totally perfect.
  • Are you depressed? Because I am in a downward spiral thinking about it.
  • Are you traffic? Because running into you would really make my day.
  • Is it true that you are clinically depressed? Cause you make me wanna commit suicide.
  • You appear to be discouraged. We should blast the depression out of one another!
  • Is it accurate to say that you are discouraged at this point? Cause you’ve been latched onto my subconscious mind the entire day.
  • At whatever point you are pitiful, simply contact me and it’d resemble you are moved by a heavenly messenger.
  • Are you my depression pills? Because I can’t smile without you.
  • Are you an electrical outlet? Because I really want to stick my fingers in you?
  • Are you a gravestone? Because I really wish you were on top of me.
Best Depression Pick-Up Lines

Sad Depression Pick-Up Lines

  • Are you a coffin? Because I really wish I was inside you right now.
  • Oh hi, wanna Netflix and chill me?*kill. Please release me from the prison of existence.
  • Are you a psychologist cuz you cure my depression
  • It’s not my issue I began to look all starry-eyed. Your bitterness stumbled me.
  • I thought briefly I kicked the bucket and went to paradise when I saw your tragic face, however then you grinned and I am alive and paradise has been brought to me.
  • Are you anti-depressants? Because if I don’t have you every day I’m going to kill myself.
  • Here’s a depressing one! Hey, girl are you the sun? Because you’re brighter than my future.
  • Are you depressed? Because I see you in my future.
  • Hey, are you looking for some buried treasure? Explore my chest… With a knife.
  • If I jumped on your back, would you beat me off?
Sad Depression Pick-Up Lines

Funny Depressing Pick-Up Lines 

  • I lost my number. I’d ask for yours, but I’d probably lose your number too. 
  • Do you want to give me the d? That means death, and please euthanize me. 
  • Are you the sun? Because you seem brighter than my future. 
  • I need assistance because you’ve been stuck in my head all day. 
  • Do my mental illness and social anxiety turn you on?
  • I heard you’re interested in bad boys. Well, I’m bad at pretty much everything. 
  • Let’s lose oxygen flow and call it a date. 
  • Do you want a hang out at the therapist’s house? 
  • I’m interested because he seems depressed. 
  • You may have depression, but the best way to fall is to fall in love with me. 
  • Are you depressed? Because you keep following me.
  • Do you know what’s on the menu? Me, you, and our depression. 
  • You are a depressing thought because I am always thinking of you. 
Funny Depressing Pick-Up Lines 

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Flirty Depressing Pick-Up Lines 

  • Will you be my therapist for all my life?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how depressed am I making you feel?
  • I was hoping you could send me a selfie so I can show it to my therapist. 
  • Should I make that appointment?
  • So aside from taking my depression away, what do you do for a living?
  • Is it depression? Or am I feeling a connection?
  • For the first time, I feel like not killing myself. 
  • Not sure about my depression, but you are my fate. 
  • I can see us together going for therapy. 
  • How does it feel not to be depressed?
  • Can you do me a favor? I was hoping you could call my therapist and tell them I found the one. 
  • I will let you emotionally manipulate me. 
  • I’m going for my little walk. Would you mind holding my hand? 
  • I think you are going to wreck me emotionally. 
  • You are tragic but still very perfect for me. 
  • No, babe, you do not want to make me commit suicide. 
  • Could you heal my soul? 
  • I don’t believe that it’s my fault that I fell into depression, just like I fell for you. 
  • Damn, girl, you are so cute. Let me get your therapist’s address. 
  • How do you look so adorable while being sad?
  • I was hoping you could act like my anti-depressants because I want to be able to have you every day.
  • Why do you keep showing up in my dreams, especially after I take my meds?
  • I need you to sit next to me and remove all my depression. 
  • You have been stuck in my subconscious mind all day and all night. 
  • Would you mind if I self-destruct in your DMS?
  • Are you the methods of creation? Because I genuinely want to hold onto you. 
  • I don’t think a lot about you. However, I think a lot about you. 
  • You appear to be sad. We should help each other out. 
  • Call me at whatever point you feel low on self-esteem, and you will feel you are looked upon by a messenger from heaven. 
  • Whenever I look at you, I feel like paradise has brought me. 
  • If I do not have you every day, I feel like I will lose myself to depression. 
  • Is it true that you are miserable? Since I see you in the future. 
  • Do you want to sit together and recount our saddest moments?
  • I’m just like misery, and I promise I will never leave. 
  • Two depressed souls will look perfect. 
  • I’m a therapist and here to cure your depressed soul and heart. 
  • This is so crazy. I am not a therapist, but I could listen to your rant about your depressed and complicated life for hours. 

Depression Pick-Up Lines & Depression Quotes 2022

  • Nothing is more discouraging than having everything and as yet feeling truly tragic.
  • Are you a coroner? Because I really want you to inspect my body.
  • I’m not trying to impress you or anything, but… I’m Batman!
  • Hey baby, Is your name clinical depression? Because you make me want to stay in bed all day trapped beneath your weight.
  • I don’t know much about depression, but I’m pretty great.
  • Are you a death certificate? Because I really wish you were mine.
  • Are you depressed yet? Cause you’ve been stuck in my head all day.
  • Are you depressed? Cause you make me want to kill myself.
  • Are you my crippling depression? Because you are like a drug to me.
  • Girl, you’re so hot that I would still talk to you even after I’m off the anti-depressant pills I stole from my hospital’s pharmacy.


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