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Depression can be a crippling feeling, leaving you feeling unmotivated and lost. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many strategies that can help you break out of the cycle of depression and get back to being productive and motivated. In this article, Depression Open Talks will suggest how to get motivated when depressed. From simple lifestyle changes to more involved activities, there’s something for everyone to try.

When you are depressed, it’s easy to lose motivation. It seems nearly hard for you to gather any energy to feel motivated and get things done. If you suffer from depression, you may find it difficult to find inspiration to do even the most basic tasks. According to the World Health Organization, around 264 million people worldwide experience depression. In 2016, it is projected that 16.2 million individuals in the United States, or around 6.7 percent, had at least one severe depressive episode. Depression and lack of motivation are frequently linked.


Because depression is such a prevalent mental disorder, many people have developed a range of coping methods to help them stay motivated during the day or to help them recover from a depression episode. In this post, we will discuss how to get motivated when depressed.

How to get motivated when depressed

1. Accept and don’t conceal your emotions

Many people who suffer from depression attempt not to admit their feelings in the belief that they will be better someday. However, the outcomes were the polar opposite of what they had anticipated. Accepting your feelings and understanding why you feel the way you do is critical. The more you try to bury those unpleasant sensations, the worse they will make you feel.

Accept and don't conceal your emotions

Allow yourself to be aware of the feelings you are feeling instead. If you want to cry, cry loudly. If you need to get away and replenish yourself, do so! Accepting your feelings might be one of the most difficult aspects of dealing with depression.

2. Get out of bed to greet the new day

One of the most prevalent symptoms of depression is a lack of motivation. Getting out of bed should be considered your first win of the day when you have this mental health condition. Keep your area nice and organized so that you can avoid procrastination and feel wonderful. Stick a few notes with positive motivational quotes like “Yes, you can,” “Make impossible I’m possible” or “Never give up!” where you can see them.

All your ideas are digested by the brain, so give it happy thoughts. Finally, dress comfortably, brush your hair, and makeup as desired. Self-care in the morning might help you increase your self-esteem and encourage you to last throughout the day.

3. Exercise Can Help You Maintain Your Motivation

Gentle exercise can assist your body in producing endorphins (feel-good chemicals). Exercising for 35 minutes five times a week has been demonstrated in research to cut down moderate depressive symptoms and, as a result, enhance motivation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, regular physical activity might lower your chances of getting depression. Because of this, the lack of motivation due to depression was also significantly controlled.


4. Reward yourself

It’s fine if you can only accomplish one or two tasks. Congratulate yourself on finishing any task or goal, no matter how little. Surviving a single day with depression is an enormous effort so you don’t need to compare your accomplishments to those of others since it will lead you nowhere. Concentrate on the excellent actions you performed today. It’s not easy to be productive while you’re suffering from depression. You can, however, be productive if you have the correct tools and mentality.

Reward yourself

5. Set your goals and divide the work

Even if the aim is simple, break down the steps you need to execute. All you have to concentrate on right now is achieving that one goal. Breaking down your daily chores into smaller parts allows you to feel less overwhelmed during the day while focusing on smaller, more focused activities that may be easier. Concentrate on the complete to-do list. Be realistic and don’t set your expectations too high, because you don’t want to feel bad if you can’t complete all your goals.

6. Stay away from negativity

All your ideas are digested by the brain, so give it positive thoughts. Selectively read the news or surf the web. Avoid exposing yourself to and coping with bad information that impacts your mood. Increase your communication with loved ones and friends, as well as your appreciation and affection for them. Read uplifting motivation and surround yourself with good people.

7. Socialize

Schedule a coffee date with a loved one or a family video chat. Simply walk around and chat with people. You may also join a depression support group to spend time and communicate with people who are experiencing similar issues. Humans are born to fit into society, and this plays a significant influence on our everyday happiness. No matter how tough it may be at times, try to incorporate some type of sociability into your day, no matter how big, tiny, long, or short it is.

8. Enhance your diet

You are what you consume. Throughout the medical world, there are clear correlations between dietary deficits and depression diagnoses. We’ve all felt the lethargic sensation that comes with a massive sugar binge and the subsequent collapse. Eat a nutritious and balanced diet to keep your mood and your motivation levels up.

9. Get sufficient sleep

Proper sleep is essential for everyday functioning. It has the potential to impact our happiness, health, and capacity to stay motivated throughout the day. People who are depressed may have difficulty sleeping too much or too little. Aim for eight hours of sleep every night to feel your best, both physically and psychologically.

10. Go outside & get your hands filthy

According to mouse research, a species of bacteria found in soil (Mycobacterium vaccae) may boost serotonin synthesis. Serotonin, in turn, helps to alleviate depressive symptoms. If you can, go outside and try some gardening or weeding. It’s been demonstrated that even 20 minutes in the sun may significantly improve your mood & general well-being.

Gardening to get your hands dirty

Also, bacteria contained in fermented foods, such as yogurt, can help improve emotions. It can lower anxiety and perhaps relieve depressive symptoms.

11. Maintain a routine

Completing daily tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment, which will boost your mood. Write out your routine, post it somewhere visible, and use check marks to indicate the completion of activities. The satisfaction of completing everyday activities will boost your mood and motivate you to strive for more each day. As part of your habit, you may also keep a notebook. Journals are a great way to get rid of negative ideas and make room for happy ones.

12. Establish a support network

Have a group of friends that can emotionally support you when your motivation wanes. Choose individuals with whom you feel at ease and who can provide you with support when your therapist is absent. They must be good listeners who can help you think positively, and appreciate what you’re going through. An attentive ear might help you feel less overwhelmed and give you hope.

Confide in friends

13. Consult a mental health expert

To find out if you require medication to treat your depression, consult a licensed psychiatrist or therapist. A healthcare professional can also offer you suggestions and coping skills to help you deal with the symptoms of depression.

How to get motivated when depressed: Key takeaways

One of the main features of depression is a lack of motivation to do the things you know you should do. For example, you may not be motivated to exercise, chat with friends, or complete assigned work. Lack of motivation and depression is a vicious cycle because when you lack motivation, you don’t get things done. This leaves you frustrated and overwhelmed and leads to depression. As a result, that very depression leaves you with no motivation to accomplish anything. You should use the suggestions that our article has given to improve the lack of motivation caused by depression.


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