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There are many jobs for people with depression, but here are the 23 best options selected by Depression Open Talks. These jobs offer an outstanding work-life balance, paychecks that are steady and increase along with your salary, and plenty of opportunities to get help from mental health professionals if needed.


Depression at work

Given that one in 15 persons suffers from depression, employers must be aware of the condition and provide accommodations for workers who experience its symptoms. If you are one of the numerous adults who suffer from depression, you might discover that your current employment does not accommodate your condition.

You might need to modify the task you now perform. Or, you take efforts to find new employment even if you like your company or salary. While there are many things employers can do to help employees who suffer from depression, you can also hunt for jobs that are better for your mental health.

Can Work Exacerbate Depression?

Grief, sadness, or stress are not the same as depression. All of these situations have the potential to trigger depressive episodes, but depression symptoms might make you more vulnerable to experiencing melancholy, stress, or guilt at a stronger level.

The following are risk factors:

  • Genetics and family history 
  • Environment
  • Personality
  • Personal biochemistry.

The majority of people find that a combination of psychotherapy and/or medication works well to cure their depression. Depression symptoms are easily curable. However, working in a negative environment can make depression more difficult to treat and worsen symptoms. So it’s crucial to guarantee the job:

  • A soothing structure
  • Less meticulous
  • A tranquil atmosphere
  • A flexible schedule

In the workplace, you could request reasonable accommodation. These concessions might involve, for example, having your boss check in with you more frequently and breaking down your task into smaller portions if you have trouble focusing. Finding a career that helps you better manage your mental health and the effects of depression might be a better alternative.

Are you enthusiastic about your work? According to studies, people frequently perform well in the tasks they find enjoyable. Therefore, passion is taken into consideration while discussing the greatest employment for those with depression.

If you’re passionate about your work, likely, you won’t feel the urge to leave, even if it’s stressful. Or perhaps you’ve heard someone claim that they frequently work better under pressure. In actuality, this group of people likely like their employment so much that they have grown accustomed to the routine. They frequently muster the courage to continue, stress or no hardship.

The Best 23 Jobs For People With Depression

Dog Walker

Your mental health may benefit greatly from spending time with animals. Walking dogs allows you to play with dogs that are also delighted to see you and to exercise frequently outside. You can work as many or as few hours as you’d like as this job is not demanding. You might also work seasonally, which would allow you the opportunity to unwind and receive counseling.

Pet Sitter

Pet sitting allows you to spend quality time with animals who require attention and support, including feeding, playing, and cuddling. For someone who wishes to avoid too much stress at work while still earning a stable income, this is a fantastic prospect. Pet sitting is one of the best jobs for someone with anxiety and depression, just like dog walking is. This is also a great job for you if your current living environment forbids pets. Or you can’t adopt a pet for any reason (e.g. your family members are allergic to animals).

Pet sitter

Park Ranger

Being a park ranger takes you outside where you are surrounded by gorgeous surroundings and get regular exercise, similar to dog walking and gardening. People with depression can find wonderful opportunities in this industry through summer internship programs that provide free housing along with a stipend.

Among many other skills, you will learn how to manage forests, protect the environment, and practice survival. As a professional park ranger, you will spend a lot of time alone in nature while also working with the public to teach people about protecting parks and staying safe in the great outdoors.


For depressed people, enjoyable professions include gardening, working in greenhouses, and even working in the gardening department of a nearby home improvement store. Horticulturists exercise while working outside and obtaining their recommended daily intake of vitamin D. You perform manual labor in a profession that necessitates original thinking. 

It’s crucial to monitor your physical health in this line of work because landscaping and gardening require heavy lifting and certain physical positions that can be taxing on your body. If you enjoy being outside, horticulture is a fantastic career choice for you because it can be highly fulfilling to produce lovely plants or design lovely gardens.


Japanese researchers discovered that inhaling particular scents—such as lavender and lemon—changes blood chemistry and gene activity to lower stress levels. What if you could breathe in lovely floral scents all day long at work?


It is gratifying to create art or to use your imagination. If you are serious about this business and it isn’t just a hobby for you, you can make money online and network with people. For instance, if you knit scarves, you can build an online store or social media accounts to display your work and a booth at craft shows or farmers’ markets. As an alternative, graphic designers are consistently in demand and can find steady employment as independent contractors or in full-time positions.

You can schedule time for mental health care when you work as a freelancer. This makes it one of the best careers for persons with depression because it requires getting active, attending counseling or support groups, and getting enough sleep.


Like any creative profession, there are numerous paths to becoming a successful photographer. You can run your own business, specializing in commercial or wedding photography, or pursue a variety of other specialties. Given this freedom and the need for both exercise and creativity, photography is a fantastic career for anyone dealing with depression. You can anticipate capturing beautiful images of people, animals, objects, and locations as a photographer, which can help you manage your symptoms.


Freelance Writer

Writers appreciate the opportunity to work on a variety of projects while working in various environments, just like artists do. Hours of intensive concentration are often required when writing, which might be useful for preventing negative ideas.

The good news is that there are many jobs available on online job boards if you have an interest in writing. These tasks may include copywriting, editing, or even transcription. Working from home or a coworking location, at your speed, and for customers you adore is possible. We rank this as one of the top careers for people with depression in light of these advantages.

Teaching Assistant

You get to make a positive difference in other people’s lives, which is one of the many ways that teaching may be therapeutic. Fortunately, tutoring offers all the advantages of traditional schooling without excessively demanding rules and deadlines. You can have a flexible schedule as a tutor and there is a good chance that you can work from home. You’ll be able to take control of your mental health and find fulfillment in your students.

Teaching Assistant


Hobbies are an excellent method to fight depression, and working as a craftsman lets you prioritize your profession. Making money while doing something you love may go a long way, whether you prefer making jewelry, furniture, or any other kind of hobby.

In addition, you have the chance to concentrate and improve your art rather than wearing yourself out with a variety of daily activities. Additionally, knowing that someone else will appreciate your creations can inspire you.


If social interaction makes you nervous, working as a painting contractor might get you out and about. You can make money while keeping fit and active. Additionally, when each task was completed, your town became a little bit nicer, cleaner, and more organized. Knowing that you painted a wall exactly makes you happy to look at it.

Fitness Trainer

As a fitness professional, you’ll design routines, offer inspiration, and educate individuals or groups in a variety of activities. In locations like a gym, health club, or yoga studio, you might lead a class or one-on-one instruction. There is always a need for personal fitness trainers, so you won’t have to worry if organizing a group of people sounds intimidating.

This energetic environment may add to your stress levels, but it may also encourage you to step beyond your comfort zone.

Computer Programmer

Anyone who enjoys working with computers or with math can learn to code. They can find well-paying entry-level work, and select a job that best suits their mental condition. Programmers that prefer working alone can do so as independent contractors.

Computer Programmer

Coding may not be the best career for those with anxiety because many professions can be high-stress and require long hours. Many programmers follow the practice of spending a few years working for a major software company before moving on to project management, founding a startup, working remotely, or providing consulting services to other businesses. You can find your expertise and modify your career to meet your mental health demands after just a few years of experience.

Data Entry Specialist

You might flourish as a data entry specialist if you have developed your keyboarding abilities, focus intensely on one activity at a time, and meet deadlines. Data entry is quite adaptable across many different businesses and typically offers a ton of freedom for working from home. As an independent employee, you can work any number of full-time, part-time, or freelance jobs.


Transcriptionists listen to recorded audio files and put them out into a text format, much like some data entry occupations. In addition to possessing a good sense of hearing, the person in this field must be accurate, and able to operate efficiently under pressure.

Transcribers need to have patience and extensive training. However, these occupations tend to be quite flexible, which can be advantageous for someone who suffers from depression. Because you can find remote employment letting you choose your hours. Additionally, you might transcribe audio files about legal, medical, or other issues that are also entertaining to listen to.

Small-business Proprietor

Owning your own business might be incredibly satisfying if you’re looking for a more challenging job or ongoing mental stimulation. People with depression typically have a tough time finding careers because not all employers will understand the necessity for you to take time off for your mental health. You can set aside as much time as you need because you work for yourself as a business owner. You also have the option of working from home, in a small office, or for a franchise.

Merchandising Associate

If you have trouble keeping to regular schedules or are concerned about your education and credentials, merchandisers are a terrific option. As previously said, retailing might be fantastic for someone with depression if they have trouble keeping a 9–5 schedule or interacting with others. The majority of your time will be spent arranging inventory, and your schedule will be somewhat flexible.

Merchandising Associate


The upkeep of customers’ gardens is the responsibility of landscapers. Their work undoubtedly falls under the category of physical labor because it involves using a variety of tools to mow, trim, prune, rake, and weed. That said, it may be less strenuous than construction.

To effectively water plants and supply fertilizer as needed, landscapers typically work in teams. However, the majority of your day will be spent doing monotonous tasks while using noise-canceling headphones. The upside is that your time and effort are rewarded with tangible outcomes that you can both see and touch.


Security personnel are employed in a variety of locations, including office buildings, construction sites, concert halls, and museums. Working in security can be the ideal career choice for you if you naturally stay up late or value having plenty of free time to read or listen to music.

Postal Carrier

Anyone who wishes to keep their finances and mental health in good shape might consider becoming a mail carrier. This profession mostly entails sorting and delivering mail. This gives you plenty of time for quiet reflection. So you don’t have to worry about pushing yourself too hard mentally. Additionally, you’ll be able to stay away from crowded places and meetings throughout the day.

Delivery Person

It is undeniable that delivery drivers are the foundation of the American economy. Every one of the estimated 36 million goods should be delivered on time and undamaged. It can be the ideal job for you to become a delivery driver if you find comfort in driving.

Delivery Person

This work is among the finest for someone with anxiety or depression because every day is unique and you get to decide how many contacts you have with people. Rolling the windows down and being active outside is also superior. Seeing someone’s face light up as you deliver a product they have been eagerly awaiting is a huge perk of this work.


Reading can be a terrific way to unwind because it enables you to clear your mind while appreciating art or discovering something new. Being a librarian allows you to be around books and readers all the time. You can assist both kids and adults with research, help them discover their next favorite book, or help them find resources to address a challenge.

If you enjoy history, you might work in the archives division assisting people with their genealogical or research needs. Being a librarian or working in a library are both ideal careers for those with anxiety because of the normally peaceful environment.


Consider working as a housekeeper if you think getting paid to work out sounds nice to you. While you clean, you may keep active and enjoy your favorite music and podcasts. You might focus on cleaning businesses, residences, hotels, and even workplaces.



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