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Read Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician chapter 2 in both original and colored fanmade versions. The reason why I decided to blog about this topic is because many of my audience really likes this Manga. And, Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician chapter 2 is requested by a lot of readers.

Another reason is that its title is related to my blog’s theme – Depression Open Talks. So, there is no reason to turn down my audience’s request. 

I searched on Google and found a reliable website named Aqua Manga that correctly translated Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician into English. You can read this manga in pictures or PDF that I made.

Summary of Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician

Rudeus has severe despair following his split with Eris. In order to look for his lost mother, Zenith, he journeys to Rozenberg, the 2nd city of the Principality of Basherant. Rudeus desperately seeks to undertake a significant quest by himself to establish himself.

But by happenstance, he finds himself collaborating with the Counter Arrow, a group of B-rank adventurers. Sara, a party attendee, makes him think of Eris. A thorough manga adaptation of the 7th chapter of the original book, which shows what happens after Rudeus and Eris are split apart!

Original Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician chapter 2

Without further ado, here is Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician chapter 2.

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Colored fanmade Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician chapter 2

Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician chapter 2 PDF

If you wish to read the full Mushoku Tensei Depressed Magician, you can visit Aqua Manga to read more. Another famous character who is associated with depression is Wojak. Let’s see depressed Wojak memes & other fascinating facts about this guy.


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