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Do not let Post Concert Depression ruin your happiness! It was such an unparalleled experience to meet your idols face to face instead of watching them through live streams or other online platforms. While enjoying the sleepy pace of your normal life, you are suddenly thrown into ecstasy of happiness of getting ticket to your all-time favorite idols.

However, happiness is fairly short-lived. When the great live show ends, you try to put off the beautiful moments, fill with mixed emotions and deeply get into a state of Post Concert Depression. 


What is Post Concert Depression?

Post Concert Depression is a state experienced by people, especially the youth who have just joined concerts of their all-time favorite band or solo idols. 

It was not until 2019 that the first professional, Lyen Krenz Yap put efforts on studying Post Concert Depression. Utilizing a quantitative and qualitative method, Yap has analyzed concert-goers’ experiences in two particular periods of time: right after the concert, and two weeks later. 

After the survey, he concluded that Post Concert Depression links to a number of emotional states that fans encounter after being supremely happy. Some of the most somber moods are emptiness, overwhelming crash, yearning, sadness and disenchantment. Get details in this link .

What are main stages of Post Concert Depression?

Concert-goers might encounter 4 main stages of Post Concert Depression.


Excitement is at fever pitch. 

After getting involved in a dreamy concert, breathing in the same air with your idols and swaying in time to the music, you will be still in the first flush of your huge success right after the concert is over. As a successful fan, you will hold a smile all day and see everything in rose color. It seems like you have reached a milestone and are on cloud nine.


Be cling to wonderful memories 

When you set foot on the heaven which centers around your superstars and related things such as goods, lightsticks and fanbase, it’s hard to accept that you may come there once in a lifetime. 

Therefore, all the memories about the amazing concert become precious. Concert-goers try to share fantastic feelings about the concert with family, friends and others by writing endless reviews on social platforms, talking nonstop about what you have been through whether they care or not and denying returning to everyday life. 

Idol’s performance has stuck in fans’ minds and laid deep within their hearts. Hence, they choose to live in an ivory tower.


Truth hurts! Take a look at the hard facts. 

Having to return to the reality of the world while still having the adrenaline of a concert, trying to hold onto those moments, it hurts

Brenna Sheets

After such a wonderful concert, turning back to normal life certainly brought concert- goers back down to earth with a bump. You have been in the dumps all day when you realize that despite your vivid memory, the amazing concert belongs to the past.

At this stage, you lay full length on the bed gazing up at the ceiling. Your emotions reach its peak of disturbance. You miss your idols so badly. To ease your mind, you spend hours watching videos and images recorded on your phone, and stalk related information on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,… so that you will not miss anything post concert. 


Nevertheless, reality is cruel. The more you keep in touch with the last concert, the more stressful and depressed you are. It’s deep as first love, and wild with all regret.

There are millions of things you want to do during the concert but little of them are done. Such a pity! You are much more ravenous for the concert to begin again so that you could fulfill them, but you know, time never comes back. 

Raising spirit

Accept the bitter truth and move on

Post concert depression is inevitable and you can not turn the clock back, yet time heals all sorrows. Fortunately, you are even – tempered and emotionally well – balanced at this stage. You are proud of being a successful fan who used to be a part of your idol’s concert and maybe prepare for another chance to obtain a ticket to another concert.

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5 ways to overcome Post Concert Depression

  • Live each moment. We are strongly affected by modern life and fall into the cycle of showing off by accident. Being aware of this, let’s enjoy the concert and store all the happenings in your mind rather than in your phone and feel regretful post concert. 
  • Don’t fool yourself, come terms with the fact that the concert is over and you are back to your daily life. 
  • The sweet memories remain forever, so do not worry that one day you will forget it. 
  • Get well prepared for another lucky chance. No one can make sure whether you can go to a concert in the future or not, but if you prepare for it, then a chance comes and you are ready to take it.  This is the way you ignite hope and happiness once more. 
  • Balance your emotions and continue your journey of being successful fans ^^

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