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Are you suffering from depression? So did Elijah get depressed. Learn what Elijah taught us about his struggling with depression in this blog.

Are you fed up with constant protests, political divisiveness, and uncertainty about your future? Isolation, abuse, conflict, and major life events, whether positive or negative, can all contribute to depression. In 1 Kings 19, the Bible depicts Elijah’s battle with despair. In the midst of his battle, God met him and tended to him. He’ll also meet us in life.


Did Elijah get depressed?

Elijah heard about the deaths of Baal’s prophets – Jezebel, the god’s most fervent disciple, vowed him the same fate. Elijah was disappointed that God’s stunning triumph had not resulted in a national revival, and despairing for life, he ran. It was a long day’s journey—about 100 miles.

The prophet then went further into the wilderness through the devastation stage, leaving his servant behind. Did Elijah get depressed since then? The answer is yes.

Finally fatigued, Elijah paused to rest under a broom tree, a plant associated with sadness in the Bible. Even though it only offers shade for one person, the tree is one of the most important sources of shade in the Judean desert. There is no air conditioning or fan, but there is enough shade from the hot heat for the only one left.


Elijah, devoid of hope and feeling abandoned, prayed:

I have had enough, Lord Take my life; I am no better than my ancestors.

1 Kings 19:4

Elijah, like the prophets before him, had failed to return the country to God. His dissatisfaction and sense of failure dominated his outlook. All he could see was himself and his disappointed hopes, yet he confided in God.


Elijah’s struggle with depression was fueled by disappointment, despair, anxiety, and exhaustion. It’s no surprise he felt fatigued and vulnerable. That said, in the end, Elijah was enlightened and successfully overcame depression.

What can we learn from Elijah’s battle with depression?

Allow yourself some time off

Elijah had been so preoccupied with others’ demands that he had disregarded his own. So God provided him with a vacation to refresh himself both physically and emotionally. We feel fatigued when we use up our mental and physical energy, which leads to depression.

Hence, to avoid burnout and despair, we must discover ways to replenish our batteries. Those who remark, “I’d rather burn out than rust out,” are on their way to the juniper tree. We require sleep, rest, exercise, and nutritious nourishment.

Express your true feelings

In verse 9, God told Elijah, who was sitting in the cave, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”. God frequently asks individuals questions about which He already knows the answer in the Bible.

He does this because He understands that sometimes we have harmful emotional sentiments that we need to get rid of by talking them out. Christian therapy is an excellent approach to doing this. According to research, the act of putting our troubles and feelings into words allows the brain to deal.

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Embrace some perspectives

Elijah’s melancholy asked him if had been faithful to God and what good it had done, God had abandoned him, he had failed, and hope is no longer with him. Depressed people have distorted perceptions of God, themselves, and the world.

So God gave Elijah great manifestations apart from God, followed by silence with God. A vast activity, such as what occurred on Mount Carmel, is not necessarily evidence of God’s presence; God is present even when there is silence.

Then God changed Elijah’s perception of himself as essential to God’s job in the world. He stated he was the only one still faithful and they sought his life. Also without him, there is no hope.

God told Elijah that He had seven thousand famous prophets who had not bowed the knee to Baal. Then He appointed Elijah to anoint the successor God had previously chosen to carry on his task. Sometimes we believe that everything is dependent on ourselves when, in fact, everything is dependent on God. If God’s plan was entirely dependent on us, He would be in big trouble!

Return to normal way of life

Get back into the swing of things and go back to work. God only permitted Elijah to be depressed for so long. Then He instructed him to get up, go back to his way of life, and get back to work. There is no stronger medicine than a fresh task.

Sometimes the easiest approach to get out of sadness is to shift our focus away from ourselves and onto a new goal, a new mission. Find someone in need and assist them. You assist yourself when you help others.

Did Elijah get depressed? Final answer

Did Elijah get depressed? Yes, he suffered a lot from depression. However, with the help of God, he embraced depression and overcame it at the end of the day.

Many lessons can be drawn from prophet Elijah’s story. We need to take care of ourselves physically, intellectually, as well as spiritually as pastors and leaders did. If you are suffering from depression, remember that there is assistance and hope. Depression Open Talks‘ blog posts are here to assist you to get out of the dark and into the light.


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