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Many depressed Naruto characters have been plagued by bad luck😞. Do not disregard this blog if you are looking for the most depressed Naruto characters collected by Depression Open Talks.

Even though the story ended several years ago, Naruto had been one of the most well-known anime and manga series in the world for more than ten years. In the world of Naruto, ninjas with a wide range of skills and abilities rule. Fans adore the show for its action-packed narrative about friendship and unwavering tenacity, which is made possible by the fact that many characters are written exceptionally well.


In the Naruto series, the author’s construction of characters with a grim fate or even being “death” will greatly affect the plot as well as the fans’ feelings. These depressing characters make readers never forget about their fate, there is sympathy, and there is grief.

Here are the characters that the author “reversed” to heartbreak. There are even the most shocking and sad deaths, leaving a lot of grief for readers.

1. Tsunade – Depressed Naruto character

Tsunade will be the first on the list this time. The backstory of Tsunade shows that despite becoming the fifth Hokage, she is one of Naruto’s unluckiest characters. She agreed with her younger brother when he expressed his desire to follow in their grandfather’s footsteps and become the Hokage.

Tragically, he passed away while participating in the 2nd Great Ninja War the very next day. Both Dan, the son Tsunade adored, and her younger brother Nawaki was lost in this war. It took a long time to heal the wounds that the war left behind. Tsunade developed a fear of blood, particularly in Dan’s passing.

2. Uchiha Obito – Depressed Naruto character

Obito is from the Uchiha clan but he grew up without knowing the faces of his parents, a traumatic childhood. Obito has dreamed of becoming Hokage since childhood. Originally, Obito was a kind-hearted boy who was always late to help the elderly in the village, always thinking of the safety of his teammates above all else.

But when he saw Kakashi kill Rin – the girl he loved, his hatred changed Obito completely, giving up all previous dreams and ideals, in his heart, there was only resentment and always sought to report the enemy. The good-natured Obito of the past is already dead, leaving only the heartless and cruel “Tobi” left.

Originally a person with many dreams and extraordinary energy, but let hatred fill his heart, Obito fell into the pit of crime so much that he couldn’t find the way out on his own. Until he met Naruto, Obito gradually realized his mistake and deeply regretted his sin. The last act he did was to sacrifice himself to save others.

3. Uzumaki Naruto – Depressed Naruto character

As a child, Naruto had to live a lonely life, without the warmth of his parents because both died in the battle with the Nine-Tails. Minato – Naruto’s father – sealed half of the Nine-Tails chakra into him, and hoped that Naruto would be recognized by the villagers as a true hero and not a threat.

But in reality, very few people accept him because they don’t know the events that happened when he was born, but only know that he is the bearer of the Nine-Tails seal. The Third Hokage banned people from talking about the Nine-Tails, in the hope that the next generation wouldn’t hate Naruto as their parents did.

But his peers also carried the hatred of their parents and treated him, even though he didn’t understand why he was so hated. It was this boycott that caused Naruto to mess around to get everyone’s attention.

4. Uchiha Sasuke – Depressed Naruto character

Raised in the shadow of his genius older brother Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke greatly admired his brother and always spent time with him. The two brothers became close when he was very young. When he entered the Shinobi Academy, Sasuke always got the best grades in his class but never surpassed Itachi’s previous achievements to make his father more recognizable.

After a day of training, Sasuke returned home to find the entire Uchiha clan had been killed and Itachi was the only one standing in the middle of that massacre. Sasuke was horrified to discover that the brother he had respected for so long was the one who killed his parents and family, and he thought Itachi would kill him too.

But Itachi didn’t do that and told Sasuke to hate him, get revenge, and be strong. From that moment on, Sasuke always lived in the shadow of hatred, without a moment’s rest.

5. Uchiha Itachi – Depressed Naruto character

When Itachi was young, instead of enjoying the beautiful childhood memories like other children, he had to witness too many painful losses. As a genius himself, he carries the burden of responsibility on his shoulders and is the hope of the entire Uchiha clan.

Later, he had to face an extremely difficult decision, which was to destroy his whole family, and he personally killed the people he loved the most to protect the peace of Konoha and his younger brother Uchiha Sasuke.

In Itachi’s life, there was not a single moment when he lived for himself but always thought of his younger brother. He accepted to live life as a traitor, as a criminal. In order to protect Sasuke, he accepted to let his brother hate him. Until the last minute of his life, Itachi remained a great unknown.

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6. Gaara – Depressed Naruto character

Like Naruto, Gaara also suffered from the hatred of everyone around him for being the One-Tails Jinchuuriki. But Gaara’s childhood was much more extreme than that. With the exception of his dead mother, everyone in the family is terrified of Gaara and his father, the Third Kazekage, tries to kill him time and time again.

It was thought that his uncle Yashamaru would be the place Gaara could rely on, but ironically he followed orders from the Third Kazaekage to assassinate him. Being stabbed in the back by the person he trusted the most was the pain that was deeply imprinted in Gaara’s childhood.

7. Kakashi – Depressed Naruto character

Kakashi from an early age had to witness the suicide of his father – Sakumo Hatake, a talented shinobi. The reason was that Sakumo put the lives of his teammates first and abandoned the mission. Then he gradually fell into depression due to suffering from slander and heavy criticism.

After that incident, Kakashi became a loner, losing faith in the concept of teammates. It wasn’t until he had to go through the tragedy of losing his two best friends Obito and Rin that he realized how precious having teammates is. And he committed suicide because he couldn’t bear the shame.

8. Nagato – Depressed Naruto character

Uzumaki Nagato or Pain is the leader of Akatsuki. From an early age, Nagato was originally an orphan when his parents were unfortunately murdered unjustly due to being mistaken for an enemy.

In his agony, Nagato unconsciously activated Rinnegan’s eye and killed the enemy. Over time, Nagato met and befriended Konan and Yahiko and was also taught by Jiraiya. But Nagato’s life remained in the dark after Yahiko’s death.

9. Sai – Depressed Naruto character

Sai was a member of Root, a unique Anbu division ruled by Danzo. Sai’s parents passed away when he was a young child, which is why Danzo sought him out. He was taught not to have a personality or friends while in training. Even the ability to have a name was forbidden.

However, he did make a friend—a fellow Root member by the name of Shin—who adopted him as an older brother. To get rid of what emotions they still had, Danzo made them fight to the death. Sai was forced to repress his emotions in order to survive after Shin spared him from death.

10. Haku – Depressed Naruto character

Haku’s past is a tragedy. He was born in the village of Mist, where there was a massacre when the subjects were people with limited bloodlines. More miserable when his father sold him out and killed his mother. So Haku also had to end his life.

The life of the orphan Haku took a new turn when he met Momochi Zabuza. And then they became a fighting weapon with little emotion left, mostly for Zabuza.

Depressed Naruto characters: Final words

The cruel fate is what they have to endure in this fierce battle. Here is part 1 of the article I summarize the characters with the saddest fates in Naruto, let’s see and give your opinions!


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