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Here are the top 8 depression anime characters giving you deep sympathy. Anime, being as diverse as it is, has tackled the topic of depression (and overall mental health) quite a few times.

Even though sadness, worry, and depression are not frequently covered in other television programs, anime does a good job of depicting them. Many animes center on depressing characters that struggle with their own mental health. In reality, these are typically kept secret and hidden. 

These animes also feature a lot of depressed and mentally troubled characters. Suicidal thoughts are just one of the many challenges that mental diseases can cause. It is essential that media in the fields of science, medicine, and entertainment focus more on this issue and its solutions.

The stories of depression anime characters are made extremely rich. These characters, with their compelling storylines, are possibly the greatest characters written in all of anime.


Despite the psychological burden of their dejected stories, depression anime characters frequently possess the ability to escape their situations and want to restart their lives with a better attitude. Let’s look at some of the most depressing anime characters who have tried to force themselves to be joyful and give their life a new purpose, gathered by Depression Open Talks.

1. Shouko Nishimiya – depression anime character

The lead character of the well-known series anime Koe no Katachi is a woman named Shouko Nishimiya. She is a deaf elementary school kid who struggles to communicate with others, an anime character with a tragic past who has endured bullying her entire life.

Even though she was bullied, this sad anime girl has a lovely, upbeat attitude on life. She continues to live in her unhappy circumstances while maintaining her cheerful demeanor.

2. Rei Kiriyama – depression anime character

One anime character with anxiety and depression is Rei Kiriyama from March Comes In Like A Lion. He is the only survivor of a car crash, and regrettably, his parents and sisters have passed away. Rei has trouble interacting with others because he lives alone in his apartment. He nevertheless rediscovers his joy whenever he plays shogi. You can tell how serene he is in these scenarios if you pay great attention.

3. Ai Ohto – depression anime character

Because of her unique eyes, Ai Ohto from Wonder Egg Priority is subjected to bullying. Ai kills herself after seeing her buddy die and being self-conscious about her appearance. She withdraws after that tragedy, skipping school until she tries using the Wonder Eggs.

Despite being the most depressing anime character in Wonder Egg Priority, this weak girl seizes the opportunity to improve her hopeless situation and save her pal.

4. Ai Enma – depression anime character

Ai Enma goes from one tortured child to another in “Hell Girl”! Ai’s been through a lot of hardship. She was bullied as a young child, selected as a child sacrifice, fled her tribe to evade the sacrifice, and was discovered and buried alive. Who can blame her? The emotional stress pushed her so far that she manifested as a vengeful spirit and destroyed her village.

Each episode is the story of a character who is dragged to Hell by Ai and her assistants. But in return, if they choose to take revenge this way, they will also have to pay the price. Ai always lives a psychological obsession that can never escape.

The Master of Hell offers to help her since her parents were tragically slaughtered by the villagers after they found out they had faked her sacrifice. Her parents will go to paradise if she works for him. Ai Enma needs to stop feeling everything, even her own hatred and despair, as part of this. Even being depressed over her disease is impossible for this girl.

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5. Arima Kousei – depression anime character

The story in the film Your Lie in April is known for making people cry. People have cried during happy and sad moments because of the story’s characters. The plot has a strong emotional component. Arima Kousei, the story’s main character, is the one who causes this sadness. He is one of the saddest men you will ever meet.

Arima experiences a tough upbringing and eventually loses the ability to hear the sound his keyboard makes. Although Kaori whom he admires and has a special affection for more than others has had a great influence on his character development, it takes time, and throughout the film, we see him constantly fighting with sadness.

6. Rei Ayanami – depression anime character

Due to Rei’s lack of feelings and compassion for anyone, she is referred to as a “doll.” Rei Ayanami is a natural introvert who rarely converses, she exhibits little interest in real life and spends the entire day daydreaming. These can be considered schizoid personality disorder symptoms.

Rei is such a soulless young woman who attempts to distance herself from others or even unconsciously express her thoughts. Because of this, her presence is consistently isolated throughout the series.

The lack of information about her past in the series and the fact that we don’t even know the precise cause of her mysterious nature all contribute to her sad demeanor. She is one of the most “bitterly sad” characters in the world of anime due to the mystery surrounding her depression.

7. Tsubaki – depression anime character

Tsubaki serves as the Omekata Religion’s High Priestess and Oracle in the television series. Because of her innate ability to see into the future, she is sometimes referred to among her devotees as the “Sacred Eye.”

Tsubaki was presented as an interesting, kind, and courteous anime girl whose only concern is ensuring her survival. Her tragic history will, however, be used in the series to reveal her true colors. She is a cold, bitter character who hates her life, the world, and the Omekata religion. As a result, she has grown to have a spiteful attitude.

8. LaLa-Ru – depression anime character

LaLa-Ru has water power that she can manipulate with her pendant. She had blue eyes, blue hair, and a downcast expression. The anime series Ima Soro Ni Iru Boku depicts minor conflict without any severe depressive episodes. Lala-Ru always goes alone and avoids interacting with people, as you’ll discover. She enjoys viewing the sunset as a pastime.

She may appear to be lost in her own world, but she is actually a brave girl who never thinks twice about taking risks.

Depression anime characters: Final thoughts

The majority of anime shows focus on the constant ambiguity between the real world and the virtual world, which constantly defies our expectations. We never undervalue its worth because of this. The anime characters on the aforementioned list are depressed and experience catastrophic life situations.

If you are also struggling with depression, you can consider meeting a physician and taking prescribed antidepressants to help you overcome it.


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