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Depressed Wojak memes


NPC Wojak symbolizes the person lacking independence & decisiveness. Rivals of Donald Trump have been accused of using this meme

Coomer: messy hair, bloodshot eyes, & an unruly beard. It is occasionally shown as having a thin build and a huge, strong right arm

Doomer Wojak: a person smoking a cigarette in a black beanie & hoodie. It frequently incorporates apathy, clinical depression, pessimism, & hopelessness

Soyjak Wojak: Wojak-style artwork with soy boy or "nu-male" traits. It is frequently used to ridicule an opponent's perspective in online conversation


How to draw depressed Wojak

By Tool

I find out one online website that allows you to create not only depressed Wojak memes but also other versions of Wojak

Wojak items

Where to buy Wojak T-shirts & other items.This part will provide you with a list of the most well-liked items Amazon, Red Bubble, and others.