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There is a growing trend for people from all walks of life to sink into depression. Creating depression drawings is an effective method for not only sufferers to release their negative energy but also for psychologists or therapists to identify the part of a depressed patient’s condition.


Are you running like a mouse in a maze? Do you go slave and try to meet tons of deadlines from day to day? Do you feel bad all day due to the surplus of nothingness? Okay, I see. If the answer is somehow yes, I would say that you are surviving, not living. This situation may worsen as you are trapped in this visceral pain for a long time, resulting in depression. Depression has many faces, and so do depression drawings.

What are depression drawings?

Depression drawings are works of people who are suffering from depression, in which true emotions and feelings of depressed people come through. In fact, setting aside therapists or individuals working with the human mind, although drawings impregnated with keen sorrow are easily found, not many are able to figure out the messages of these drawings in depth. Therefore, people with depression choose to hide their fragile souls in drawings, just like hiding in books that no one can look at.

What are distinctive features of depression drawings?

The most visible characteristic of these pictures lies in their hue. Most of the time, darkened traits such as black, dull brown, or grey are high on the list of those associated with low mood. These depressing colors have many associations like power, death, mystery, fear and evil. According to Psychcentral.com, in color psychology, darker tones are more closely likened to negative emotions such as despair, hopelessness and emptiness.

Other features are aligned with geometrical repetitive patterns or scary elements. When depressed, people might feel like their brain or inner-self are closed in a cage and steer clear of everything. Hence, they might just illustrate their true inside thoughts through unpredictable things.

What do you draw as you get depressed?

While some people prefer to draw things that make them scared, stressed or frustrated, others might portray themselves as restless or pessimism. Furthermore, some create depressing drawings to speak out for others’ sufferings. Details will be given with some best depression drawings as follows:

A men with a thunderstorm covering his head

A man with a thunderstorm covering his head. His mind might be trapped in great pessimism.


An illustration of what SHINee’s Kim Jonghyun has gone through before killing himself. He is a K-pop idol, her voice is beautiful and her personality is good. However, netizens keep attacking him with hateful words and nasty comments, leading to his death. That is why depression drawings come to light.


Is there a voice inside your head saying, you’ll never reach it, you are a loser, and nothing good relates to you? What a jerk! It lets you down and dips you into a dark hole in which you have to endure numerous rubbishes in life! Things that cannot kill you will make you stronger and more shining one day!

Hey, if you are facing some troubles and do not know what to do, let’s draw something and there will be an artwork with the name “the way I feel”. Although things remain hard, you can refresh your mind by letting negative thoughts out and making way for new solutions to come. Hope that this post is worth your time and attention.

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