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Besides depressed Wojak memes, you are provided with fascinating Wojak-related information in this blog. The information includes Wojak origin, Wojak merchandise & where to buy them, as well as how to design depressed Wojak memes. We’ve got you covered! All in one place!


Who is Wojak?

Wojak in Polish means “soldier” or “warrior.” Wojak, also recognized as Feels Guy, is a popular Internet meme. At its core, this meme is a straightforward cartoon depiction of a bald guy with a melancholy look. 

The Wojak illustration’s genesis remains a mystery. However, there are some pieces of information on its origin. It could have first appeared on the Polish Vichan imageboard forum in 2009. One year later, a user reposted it on German’s image-sharing forum under the name of “Wojak”.

The picture quickly gained popularity on other imageboards, such as 4chan, where it was posted in 2011. It featured two Wojaks hugging one other with the phrase “I know that feel bro.”

The depressed Wojak later came to be connected with expressions like “I know that feel, bro,” and “that feel when”. Gradually, the meme gained traction on many social media platforms and forums.

The variants of Wojak

There are four main variants of depressed Wojak, according to Wikipedia

Non-player character (NPC)

In October 2018, an “NPC Wojak”—a computer-generated character from a video game—with a gray face, a sharp nose, and an expressionless face—became a popular symbol for persons who are said to lack the capacity for independent thought and decision-making. Online fame has come to NPC Wojak. The New York Times and Kotaku were among the first publications to use the meme to mock America’s alleged liberal herd mentality.

Rivals of Donald Trump have been accused of using this meme. A total of 1,500 Twitter accounts that were deactivated for supposedly disseminating misleading information on the 2018 American elections included NPC memes as their profile pictures. Bill Maher’s picture was replaced with that of the NPC Wojak on a billboard for Real Time on January 13, 2019, by a conservative art organization known as “The Faction.”


The “No Nut November” craze helped the “Coomer” Wojak gain popularity in November 2019. A happy Wojak edit with messy hair, bloodshot eyes, and an unruly beard is shown in The Coomer. This Wojak is occasionally shown as having a thin build and a huge, strong right arm from excessive masturbating. It is commonly agreed that it stands for a person who is addicted to porn.

The “Coomer Pledge,” a famous online craze that dared individuals to abstain from masturbating for the whole month of November and switch their profile picture to a picture of the Coomer if they failed, is largely responsible for the spread of this meme.


It is a character archetype and picture macro that initially surfaced on 4chan. Wojak is generally seen smoking a cigarette in a black beanie & hoodie, with dark circles under its eyes. The archetype frequently incorporates apathy, clinical depression, pessimism, & hopelessness.

It conveys the belief that the world ends due to factors like a climatic catastrophe, peak oil, or opioid addiction. In September 2018, the meme initially surfaced on a board on 4chan.

In January 2020, the “doomer girl” meme first appeared on 4chan. It quickly spread to other forums, such as Tumblr and Reddit. A rapidly scribbled cartoon girl with black hair, black clothing, and sad eyes rimmed with crimson makeup is how The Atlantic describes this format. The e-girl & alternative subcultures are frequently linked to the doomer girl figure.


Soyjak, a combination of the words “soy” + “wojak,” is a subgenre of Wojak that incorporates Wojak-style artwork with soy boy or “nu-male” traits. It is frequently used to ridicule an opponent’s perspective in online conversation. On the board of 4chan, the first Soyjak instance surfaced in December 2017.

Where to buy depressed Wojak merchandise

Depressed Wojak is so prevalent that many eCommerce stores design funny & depressed Wojak images. This is especially true for the Print on Demand sector (POD).

Making the best product choice for your needs might be challenging. Knowing which item is the best might be challenging because there are so many options available.

This part will provide you with a list of the most well-liked items as a consequence. You may buy things from shops like Amazon, Red Bubble, and others.

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How to create depressed Wojak memes

I find out one online website that allows you to create not only depressed Wojak memes but also other versions of Wojak. That is Imgflip, where you are able to add text, add images, upload a new template, etc. In addition to Wojak, you can find many other meme figures also. Try using the tool to vent out your feelings. This is a meme I created based on the template of happy Wojak vs depressed.

In case you are into drawing a depressed Wojak meme manually, you are encouraged to watch this video How to draw depressed Wojak. I’m really impressed by how patient the artist is to draw and color the drawing.

Depressed Wojak meme images

Below are depressed Wojak meme images that I find interesting. 

Depressed Wojak: Final words

Now, I’m sure that this blog answered every question about depressed Wojak memes. If you haven’t got what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to leave your request in the comment section below. Depression Open Talks is very happy to help you figure out the answer.

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