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Post Grad Depression: Causes and How to Handle

Post Grad Depression: Causes and How to Handle

Experiencing post grad depression? Discover the causes behind this common phenomenon and explore effective treatment options to overcome it. Learn how to cope with the challenges of transitioning from college to the professional world, and find strategies for managing post-grad depression. Depression Open Talks also provide insights into therapy, self-care.

Top 44 Most Depressed Colleges

Top 44 Most Depressed Colleges

From high stress levels to limited resources, our list of the top 44 most depressed colleges sheds light on the challenges facing students today. Read on for insights and tips by Depression Open Talks. Overview According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 30% of students claim to have.

Why are software engineers depressed?

Why are software engineers depressed?

Digital engagement may trigger isolation to a significant degree. Stereotypically, developers tend to be tough, and do expose not much emotion, so: Are software engineers depressed? In a job where one is paired with their laptop, socializing might take a distant second, third, or even fourth place to designing, installing,.


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